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[S15E20] Carry On

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[S15E20] Carry On

For a show that's killed the boys, and especially Dean, SO many times, there was power in having this one stick, and in showing us what comes next for them. I can now carry on knowing that there really was peace when Sam and Dean were done.

Rating: Teen & UpWord Count: 20,400Main Tags/Warnings: Canon Compliant, Fix-It, Dean Winchester Deserves Better, Castiel Deserves Better, Eileen Deserves Better, Episode Fix-It: s15e20 Carry On, Love Confessions, Idiots in Love, Reunions, Dean Winchester is Bad at Feelings, Mutual Pining, Character Study, Sam Winchester Deserves to be Happy, Heaven, Happy EndingSummary: We all know how the CliffNotes/SparkNotes version of the series finale, but what about the bits in between(or how the author decided to take the actual scenes from the final episode and flesh them out into a narrative that is easier to swallow) 59ce067264


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