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Salon Hair Care Products |WORK|

Discover the professional in-salon hair treatment that transforms your hair in under 5 minutes. Available exclusively at Kérastase salons, Fusio-Dose is your personalized hair treatment, freshly blended by your hair stylist to address your unique hair needs.

salon hair care products

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You want products that use natural ingredients. You need professional haircare products that work. We give you both. SEVEN products marry the highest-grade natural ingredients with modern technology to give you great, healthy, workable hair every day.

Repair your hair and master your style with powerful products of strength and graceful determination. The KENTE Collection contains shampoo, conditioner, reparative spray, hair mask, gel, and matte paste products designed to strengthen and heal hair.

Shine on, beyond the salon. Your best hair starts with the best hair care at home. Explore our complete collection of top-shelf products to perfect every type of hair. Embrace your waves with nourishing curl care or get a smooth blowout with keratin-infused formulas. From shampoo and conditioner to styling products, build your home hair ritual right here.

The hair-care system of the future, Olaplex No. 4 Bond Maintenance Shampoo and No. 5 Bond Maintenance Conditioner contain a novel set of molecules that buffer against breakage, making damage a thing of the past.

Our products are formulated with premium essential oils that serve as key ingredients. We have offerings that work across all hair textures and demographics across our platform. The ingredients in our products address common issues such as growth, breakage, some forms of alopecia, dullness, and dryness. These plaguing issues tend to be the top challenges to beautiful healthy hair growth. We help women overcome these issues with our premium products and offer a maintenance regimen to continue along the healthy hair path.

Loved watching YouTube videos about the products,inspired me to place an order for Edge control duo..Use no 1 followed by no 2,around my hairline 3 times per week.Easy to apply,concentrated ingredients so a little goes a long way,edges feel conditioned and slightly more strengthened with usage.

Becoming an Elite Hair Care Pro opens you to a not only use of our Professional hair care products but also to a wealth of hair, skin, and body care knowledge. Join us today by simply subscribing to our YouTube Channel, making your first purchase, and signing up for our Pro text community.

Colored hair's best friend won't let the glow fade!Four Reasons Color Mask is a selection of toning shampoos and conditioners that maintain your hair color and restore its intensity. Large selection of shades can be used to create new tones, or to maintain existing ones. Just the way you like it!All products are ammonia-free, 100% vegan, and packed in recyclable plastic.

our haircare packaging is 100% recyclable. beginning 2022, amika no longer produces bottles with 100% virgin plastic. we've re-worked all of our plastic bottles to use up to 90% post consumer recycled (PCR) plastics.

Unlike most water-based hair care, our 100% active, highly concentrated formulas are based in USDA Organic Aloe Vera Gel or an All Plant Essence of Sage and Thyme. Every ingredient & every ounce has a purpose.

"I started using Na Haircare a few months ago to help restore my hair back to its healthy self. Im obsessed with my current routine. Charcoal mask in the shower with my wet and dry brush, makes my hair feel soft and so manageable. Finish using the Prep & Play as a heat protectant and styling product." - Peyton Smith

"I set out to create a professional haircare brand for everyone! A range that bridges the gap between luxury and DIY. A range that every stylist should own, but as equally important - a line that my girl can use at home." - Natalie Anne

Nailing down a reliable hair care routine is no easy feat. First, there's the business of figuring out what your hair needs, which can be a long and complicated process in itself. Coupled with the overwhelming (and ever-growing) number of brands on the market, finding your perfect products sometimes even feels impossible.

From stylist-founded brands to buzzy startups, it can be difficult to know where you should be spending your money; which is exactly why we decided to go right to the source. To get the lowdown on the tried-and-true hair care brands that professionals love, we reached out to hairstylists as well as a trichologist (aka, a scalp specialist) for their top recommendations.

If you struggle to find hair products that meet your specific needs, Function of Beauty might be your solution. This buzzed-about brand allows you to create your own customized formulas, from shampoo and conditioner to serums and masks. For a fun twist, you can further personalize your products by choosing a color and scent.

Through a thoughtful and in-depth hair quiz, Prose creates a custom hair routine that includes shampoo and conditioner as well as more unique selections like dry shampoo and pre-shampoo scalp mask. Along with topical products, Prose also offers custom supplements to enhance hair health.

Founded by biotech scientists and hairstylists, Living Proof is beloved for its results-driven and science-based formulas. One of the brand's most popular products, the Perfect hair Day Dry Shampoo, delivers a time-release scent to keep you feeling fresh all day.

Thirsty hair is no match for Mila Rose Haircare, says Lena Yumi, hairstylist and co-founder of Hairitage Family Salon. In an effort to offer her customer more mindful brands, Yumi stocks her salon with products from the family-owned company, which specializes in hydrating formulas made with organic ingredients.

For polished styles or a fresh-looking blowout, Damon reaches for Paul Mitchell. "They have a wide variety of amazing products, but I know I can always count on the Super Skinny Serum for absolutely any style," she says. "I like to use it on damp hair before a blowout to help prevent any frizz from happening in the process. I then like to rub some on my hands and brush them through the hair after it's dry to lock in shine."

To keep blonde hair looking its best, Dueñas turns to Schwarzkopf Professional's BLONDME collection. "Having an entire line dedicated to blonde hair with so much research and design into their products it makes it stand out," he says. "Blonde hair is a unique beast and they handle it perfectly."

The consultation for all hyper-personalized products is based on a professional hair analysis, which is carried out individually by a hairdresser using the SalonLab Smart Analyzer. Thereby, the company combines in-salon hair consultation with a convenient online shopping experience in a new business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) business model.

SalonLab&Me is the first hyper-personalized, salon-exclusive hair care range that combines the convenience of e-commerce with a holistic user experience for salon clients, all within a simple four-step process:

Continuing to support hairdressers as we transition into a new normal, Schwarzkopf Professional stands by its partners with the latest innovations. The award-winning Schwarzkopf Professional SalonLab Analyzer and Consultant App combines hairdresser expertise with data-driven insights, to provide a truly personalised in-salon experience. The technology is now being rolled out internationally.

MopTop is made for all hair types and textures, from thin, fine, and straight locks to thick, coily curls, in any condition, including dry, frizzy, colored, or chemically treated hair. Featuring all-natural, chemical-free ingredients, MopTop products give you the confidence to embrace your beauty, naturally.

D'Serv Professional Hair Care products are a plant based, all-natural treatment system, developed by Angela H. Brown. Angela is a Memphis native who started out over 38 years ago as a salon professional.

D'Serv Professional Hair Care products are a plant based. all-natural treatment system, developed by Angela H. Brown. Angela is a Memphis native who started out over 38 years ago as a salon professional.

"I have been using the Elixir for a long time! I am a breast cancer survivor and I really really enjoy D'Serv products!... I started using the D'Serv Derma Roller, and my hair has grown immensely, we are doing great!"

With professional-grade keratin products such as our maximum strength smoothing treatment, pre-treatment shampoo, keratin treatment spray, and zero-formaldehyde keratin treatment, your clients will enjoy incredibly smooth, shiny, and healthy hair that will keep them coming back to your salon time and time again. For the salon professional that expects the ultimate in premium products, look no further than the Keratherapy professional treatment series.

Farouk Systems, Inc. is a Houston-based company of hairdressers for hairdressers, known for manufacturing high-quality professional hair care products under the industry-leading brands CHI, BioSilk, and SunGlitz. The company provides the beauty industry with the latest innovations to a wide range of markets through multiple successful product lines and the finest educational support to better serve hairdressers and their clients.

Farouk Systems, Inc. is a Houston-based company of hairdressers for hairdressers, known for manufacturing high-quality professional hair care products under the industry-leading brands CHI, BioSilk, and SunGlitz.


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