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Avalon Direct English Book 2 Teacher Handbook Pdf


Avalon Direct English Book 2 Teacher Handbook Pdf: A Review

Avalon Direct English is a series of books that teach English using a direct method, which means that the students learn by speaking and listening to the language without translation or grammar rules. The books are designed for beginners and intermediate learners who want to improve their communication skills in English.

The teacher handbook for book 2 provides guidance and tips for teachers who use the Avalon Direct English method in their classes. It contains detailed explanations of the objectives, contents, and activities of each unit, as well as answers to the exercises and tests. The teacher handbook also includes suggestions for extra activities, games, and songs that can make the lessons more fun and engaging.

The book 2 covers topics such as numbers, plurals, to be, where from, this/that/these/those, possessive adjectives, family, colors, clothes, have/has, can/can't, like/love/hate, hobbies, time, days of the week, months of the year, seasons, weather, prepositions of place, there is/there are, some/any/no, countable/uncountable nouns, how much/how many, food and drink, shopping, and ordering in a restaurant.

The book 2 consists of 20 units, each with four pages. The first page introduces new vocabulary and structures through pictures and dialogues. The second page provides practice exercises and activities to reinforce what has been learned. The third page presents a reading text or a listening task related to the topic of the unit. The fourth page contains a test to check the students' progress and understanding.

The book 2 also comes with an audio CD that contains all the dialogues, listening tasks, songs, and tests. The CD can be used in class or at home for extra practice and exposure to natural spoken English.

Avalon Direct English Book 2 Teacher Handbook Pdf is a useful resource for teachers who want to use a direct and interactive approach to teach English. It can help them plan their lessons effectively and provide their students with a variety of activities and materials that can motivate them and enhance their learning experience.

The Avalon Direct English method is based on the principles of natural language acquisition, which means that the students learn by exposure to meaningful and comprehensible input, rather than by memorizing rules and lists. The method also emphasizes the importance of repetition, correction, and feedback, which help the students to internalize the language and improve their accuracy and fluency.

The Avalon Direct English method is suitable for learners of different ages, levels, and backgrounds, as it adapts to their needs and preferences. The method allows the students to progress at their own pace and to choose the topics and situations that interest them. The method also encourages the students to interact with each other and with the teacher in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where they can express themselves freely and confidently.

The Avalon Direct English method has been proven to be effective and successful in many countries around the world, where it has helped thousands of students to achieve their goals and dreams in English. The method has also received positive feedback and recognition from experts and authorities in the field of language teaching and learning.

If you are looking for a practical, fun, and innovative way to teach or learn English, you should definitely try the Avalon Direct English method. You can find more information about the method and the books on their official website: 9160f4acd4


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