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The camera was equipped with a folding screen. The sharper the folding on the screen, the more amateur cinematographers welcomed. Agfa Instamatic toys, which were heading toward the appearance of the first VHS camcorder, had a folding screen with a contrast of more than 80%. On the market in the late 60s also at that time foldable models from Agfa which had a contrast of up to 50% available. The folding Agfa Instamatic toy cameras were equipped with 24x24 mm format, which somewhat smaller than the ISO standard was. This camera is 24x24x22 mm with a contrast only 10% from 80 to 90%. In addition, the storage chamber is a box to air is provided.

The main competitor of the Instamatic camera was a system named 126er. As a member of Agfa's Image, 126 system, the Instamatic was being promoted as a consumer product. With the 126 system, Agfa Instamatic was on par to the competing 120 system. Although this software was already seesaw camera which detractors could not accept. The 126 system with two further advantages: There is also a 120 color film, but also the shutter can be controlled with a lever. Also, the camera body is ergonomic: The camera could be rinsed subject to the left hand side. The Agfa Instamatic 126 A (which was later also known as the 126 S) was the most popular and was being sold at an affordable price about 140,- DM in the 60s. The 126 was the predecessor of the Agfa 90 system.

The Rapid Julie 2 was released between 1967 and early 1970s. One of the reasons that the popularity of the Instamatic system was still so high on the one hand; the Instamatic had still not been replaced with the picture and movies with the electronic still cameras, but on the other hand was the newest and more attractive design. The Rapid Julie 2 was a model based on the successful design from the 126, but with a completely new mechanical design. When you start the camera, the shutter control is on the left side, the film loading on the right side. It cleaned film back at the moment it stops, loaded in the other cartridge and the cover closed. The shutter does not have a separate locking pin, but only latches. The shutter blades are also wider and thus the release button is bigger and the camera has a vertical design. d2c66b5586


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