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The Best Games for Kids-2 Years Old: Learn Letters, Numbers, Animals, and Fruits with these Downloadable Games!

Learning your 123s can be difficult for toddlers, and this app will help get them on the path to becoming a math wiz. The free preview lets little ones learn 123 and you can download the full version to get games, videos and more on all numbers 1-20. In fact, all of the iOS apps and Android apps by the Sesame Workshop are great, putting all the Sesame Street friends to good use helping kids do everything from learning their letters to using the potty. But Elmo Loves 123s is one of our favorites because of the cute ways Elmo helps kids learn their early numbers.

Winner of the KAPI Best App award in 2020 (amongst a variety of other awards throughout the past few years), this open-ended app lets kids explore the in-app world and build 3D structures. It's all the fun of Legos without the fear of your kids leaving them on the floor for you to step on. Featuring games with animals, cars, trains and more, this app lets your kids use 3D bricks to build while learning more about how the world and the many things in it function. When they get older, they can connect and play with friends.

download games for kids-2 years old


ABC Mouse app offers stories, games, and videos to teach your toddler how to read. It also introduces them to Math, Science, and art. This app is free to download and use for the first 30 days. Love the app? You can sign up for unlimited activities and games for a monthly subscription of $10/month subsequently.

KidloLand is an award-winning game app popular for toddlers. The app features games, learning activities, and stories that keep toddlers busy. An attractive feature of this app is that you can download games for your toddler to play offline as well.

This app offers over 70 games and activities for toddlers and preschoolers up to the age of five years. From shapes, colors, animals, numbers, and alphabet, the app offers extensive learning in a game format, making it very engaging and interesting for your toddler.

Are you looking for fun and educational games for toddlers? Presenting KidloLand toddler games for 2 year olds, which contains 1000+ Baby games & learning games for kids. Begin your child's early learning journey with these fun educational toddler games for 2 year olds & 3 year olds.These specially designed toddler games, feature baby games like balloon popping, bubble pop, dot to dot, sorting, matching, puzzles, drawing, coloring, tracing, dress-up games, and many more learning games for kids.This baby games app is the best way to introduce learning to toddlers successfully. A wide variety of 1000+ educational games for toddler free help kids build vital skills like cognitive skills, creativity, imagination, hand-eye coordination, concentration, and focus. You will be amazed to see how quickly your 2 and 3 year old toddler learns different things.Toddler Games for kids free feature baby games approved by teachers and learning experts to make your little one's learning journey easy and exciting.***NEWLY ADDED GAMES***- Airport games for kidsWe have added a new section, "Airport games," that offers a range of games to help kids learn about the airport, airplanes, and travel.Stay tuned for many more exciting kids & toddler games!Here's what makes our toddler games 2 year olds perfect for your baby- 1000+ Baby Games for kids that are fun and learning simultaneously.- The baby games app is a complete learning program with various educational games for toddlers.- Choose from 25+ categories such as airport, supermarket, cooking, farm, animals, insects, space, city, marine, vehicles, and birds.- Available Offline & Ad-free- Adorable and brightly colored characters with interactive & funny animations that encourage your three year olds to play & learn with fun.These learning games for kids are perfect for toddlers. The best baby games combine education with entertainment, so they can fall in love with learning with these games for kids.The 'Free Games' section is completely free to play. A nominal subscription will unlock the remaining categories for your child to explore and play all toddler games. Also, you get access to free activity book that you can download and print for your toddler to work on.Subscription information:- If you subscribe, you can access the whole learning games and content collection.- You can stop the automatic renewal of your membership at any time via Google Play.- A fee for renewing your subscription will be deducted from your account about 24 hours before the current month expires.- You'll be able to access the subscription on any Android phone or tablet linked to your Google account. Send us an email at if you need assistance or if you have any comments or suggestions.So what are you waiting for? Make your baby happy and smart today! Make early learning exciting for your toddler with fun learning games for kids and toddler activities for toddler 2 year olds and 3 year olds. Download KidloLand Toddler Games for free and help your child to learn in the best way possible.

From online puzzles for kids and colorful memory games to paint drawing activities for 1-2-3-4-5-years old and educational activities for children, our online collection offers a wide variety of options to keep young minds stimulated and entertained.

We take pride in the positive feedback we receive from parents and educators who have witnessed the developmental benefits our free educational games provide. Our online website offers a wide array of online activities for 1-2-3-4-5-years old young children, with the best drawings and completely free to play.

No matter your child's age, there's easily a game below that will appeal, from town-building games like Townscaper to games that encourage exercise outdoors like Pikmin Bloom. So get comfy, grab your favorite Android tablet, and prepare to download some incredibly fun games for kids.

As of 2022, of the almost 3.6 million apps at the App Store, 984,000 are games. Games are the most popular App Store category and are downloaded twice as much as the 2nd most popular category (business).

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Everyone should use screen time in moderation, but a lot can also be learned from a young age from educational apps for toddlers and Kindle games you can download onto your Amazon Kindle for kids device.

These android, iPhone and iPad games for autistic children are designed for children with special needs in mind. Most of them offer sensory experiences children on the spectrum will not find overwhelming. Many incorporate characters and games children already know and love. Some of these autism games also offer free downloads.

The name of this app may sound random, but it's a great app to keep toddlers focused and entertained. The Monkey Preschool Lunchbox download gives you access to a bevy of short educational games for kids age 2-5, plus a monkey guide who provides positive feedback and encouragement as toddlers learn about colors, letters, counting, shapes, and matching.

If you find yourself shouting, "bus!" or "dump truck!" every time you see one, then it's safe to assume your child is a major vehicle fan. They'll love Trains, Planes, Sea Vehicles, which gives them a chance to play matching games and solve vehicle-themed puzzles. The app is free to download and you'll get the first four puzzles for free.

The Kidlo Coloring app is basically a huge, mess-free coloring book that requires nothing more than a Kindle. The free download includes 600 simply drawn pictures that toddlers can color, plus coloring games (14 of which are free, and many others can be purchased in-app).

These games and activities require them to stop, focus, think, plan and remember, and these are all great skills that we all need to use every single day. There are ideas that can be used with preschoolers right through to kids in the later years of primary/elementary school (honestly, my ten year old still gets a kick from winning a round of Concentration!).

You can also download and print a copy of these games for your resource file at the bottom of the post (be sure to jump over and grab a copy of our kids memory game ideas set 2 as well)

The trick is to download the games (or podcasts, for Mom and Dad) when you have a clear, strong internet signal at home. Then, whether you're 30,000 feet in the air or driving to visit relatives in Tucson, you've got access to games that keep the whole fam busy without needing the internet.

Consequently, if forced to select the best kart-ish racer on the PS5, it would have to be Hot Wheels Unleashed. In recent years, licensed games have become more reliable, and this 2021 project is an example of this shift. Hot Wheels Unleashed looks fantastic and plays really well, all the while providing a plethora of customization options to satisfy players who wish to create their own vehicles. While its modes could use more variety, the game's foundations are extremely solid. is your No. 1 download site for free online games for PC. We have popular games such as Granny, Gacha Life, Subway Surfers, Pixel Gun 3D, 8 Ball Pool, Mobile Legends Bang Bang and others. provides cheats, tips, hacks, tricks and walkthroughs for all games.

Rating Summaries are assigned to many physical games and provide more detailed information about the content in a game and its context. You can find rating summaries when you conduct a ratings search on this site or download our mobile app.

In addition, while playing adventure and multiplayer games, kids have to interact with different entities, both real and virtual. This is because most games are designed for cooperative play. Cooperative play allows players to create teams through online connections and work together to reach a common goal. This helps to develop the social interaction skills that children need in order to be successful in society. So, if you're looking for something to keep your little ones occupied, download our awesome free kids games!


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