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HAUNTED: Halloween '85 (Original NES Game) Download] [hack] Fixed

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How to Download and Play HAUNTED: Halloween '85 (Original NES Game) on Your PC

If you are a fan of retro gaming and horror, you might want to check out HAUNTED: Halloween '85 (Original NES Game), a new NES homebrew game that was released on Steam in 2016. This game is a side-scrolling, platforming, beat 'em up action game that follows the rules and restrictions of the original Nintendo Entertainment System hardware. You can also buy the cartridge version of the game at if you have a working NES or clone console.

In this article, we will show you how to download and play HAUNTED: Halloween '85 (Original NES Game) on your PC using Steam. You will need a Steam account and a Windows 7 or higher operating system to run the game.

Step 1: Buy HAUNTED: Halloween '85 (Original NES Game) on Steam

The first step is to buy the game on Steam. You can find it by searching for "HAUNTED: Halloween '85 (Original NES Game)" or by clicking on this link[^1^]. The game costs $7.99 and has mostly positive reviews from users. You can also watch the trailer and read more about the game on the Steam page.

Step 2: Install HAUNTED: Halloween '85 (Original NES Game) on Your PC

After you buy the game, you can install it on your PC by following these steps:

Open Steam and go to your Library.

Find HAUNTED: Halloween '85 (Original NES Game) in your list of games and click on it.

Click on the Install button and choose a location for the game files.

Wait for the download and installation to finish.

Step 3: Launch HAUNTED: Halloween '85 (Original NES Game) and Enjoy

Once the game is installed, you can launch it by clicking on the Play button in your Library or by double-clicking on the game icon on your desktop. You can also adjust the settings, such as resolution, sound, and controls, by clicking on the Options button before launching the game.

The game has a simple interface with full audio and subtitles in English. You can use your keyboard or a controller to play the game. The game supports both single-player and local co-op modes.

The plot of the game is set in Halloween night of 1985, when an evil presence has turned your friends into zombies and pumpkins into deadly obstacles. You play as Donny Johnstown, a rad kid who has to fight his way through six levels of haunted suburbia, facing six unique bosses and uncovering the source of the evil. The game has pixelated graphics, retro music, and challenging gameplay that will test your skills and nostalgia.


HAUNTED: Halloween '85 (Original NES Game) is a fun and spooky game that will appeal to fans of retro gaming and horror. You can download and play it on your PC using Steam, or buy the cartridge version if you have an NES or clone console. The game is well-made, faithful to the original hardware, and offers hours of entertainment. If you like this game, you might also want to check out its sequel, HAUNTED: Halloween '86 (The Curse Of Possum Hollow), which is also available on Steam[^3^]. Happy Halloween! 9160f4acd4


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