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Where Can I Buy A New Transmission

Where Can I Buy A New Transmission ->>>

Where Can I Buy A New Transmission

In 9 out of 10 instances, it is less expensive to repair your vehicle than to replace your vehicle altogether for the reasons listed above. Significant repairs involving the engine or transmission are often in the few thousand dollar range. This price is still lower than most deposits on a new car. Additionally, high vehicle prices with hefty deposits, ongoing monthly payments, and higher insurance rates eating away at your account each month make repairing and maintaining your vehicle cheaper.

Nothing prolongs vehicle life more than regular fluid changes. In automatic transmissions/transaxles, the recommended service interval is about every 30,000 miles or 30 months. (Check your owner's manual or service manual for your car's specifics.) The automatic transmission fluid (ATF) should be changed sooner if its dipstick reveals dark or burnt-smelling fluid.

Replacing a failed transmission can be very costly, which is why it's so important to find the best price you can for a replacement online. We've listed some of the most common GM transmission part numbers below, making it easy to look up our pricing and place your order.

Many people buy a used car due to the cost of savings and with the knowledge that it will pretty much be as good as a new vehicle. If you want to buy a used transmission, then you can expect a similar benefit. Used transmissions naturally cost less than new ones, which is a major factor. In many cases, you can save hundreds of dollars. Many used transmissions are technically remanufactured, which means they come with new parts and updates. You could receive a transmission that is virtually identical to a new one.

As soon as you notice the warning signs, you need to replace the transmission with something. The reason for this is that it is extremely dangerous to drive when the transmission slips often. As you are driving, the transmission may slip between gears unexpectedly. Not only does this cause further damage to the system, but it also puts you and other drivers in danger. Even if you are unsure what the exact problem is, it is still a good idea to take your vehicle to a professional to get it inspected.

When it comes to purchasing a transmission, you need to consider the long-term advantages rather than the short-term. When you buy a used transmission, you may be saving a few hundred dollars up front, but there is an increased risk the component will wear prematurely. For a new transmission, you can typically expect it to last for up to 100,000 miles, which for most drivers will be about seven years. When you buy used, the transmission may only last for 50,000 miles or fewer. If you have to buy another transmission shortly after just purchasing one, then you end up spending more money in the long run.

Additionally, you should always buy your new transmission from a respected source. No matter how handy you may think you are around a car, you need to allow a professional to install your new transmission to ensure it is in there correctly. Luckily for you, you can turn to the professionals at Sun Devil Auto any time your transmission starts acting up.

It is tempting to think about buying a used car or a single used part, but you really need to weigh the pros and cons carefully. Fortunately, when you schedule an appointment with Sun Devil Auto, you know the parts you are getting are of the highest quality possible. We can rebuild your old transmission or replace it with a new one. We will do anything to provide you with peace of mind you deserve.

I'm installing a rebuilt automatic transmission in my 1992 Chevy Silverado 1500 extended cab two wheel drive. What all should I buy at the parts store besides transmission fluid , pan gasket and new filter Also changing out the torque converter.

If this is a newly rebuilt transmission which comes with a warranty, you won't need to replace the pan gasket and filter. These should be brand new and already be installed. Obvio


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