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Variety Cover Photos For Facebook


For computer and desktop, the ideal cover photo is 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall. For Facebook cover photo mobile, the ideal size is 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall. If you want to use a perfect single image that matches both computer and smartphone covers combined, try using an image with 820 pixels by 462 pixels. This is a handy way to avoid Facebook automatically adjusting your cover photos to less than the required dimensions and as a result making it blurry. Optimize your Facebook cover with the correct size. Try our Facebook cover photo creator now and forget about that worry.

When it comes to a high quality social media strategy, staying on brand is crucial. Visme makes it easy to create professional-looking cover photos by adding your unique brand colors and fonts. Use the color wheel to keep your Facebook profile uniform across your online presence.

For profiles and pages, your Facebook cover photo should be 820 x 312 pixels, or any larger 16:9 aspect ratio. These cover photos show up on mobile at 640 x 360 pixels, so make sure your most important information is in that center area.

Event cover photos help provide a visual of what users can expect from your event right off the bat. Whether you share a photo of a previous event or include an event itinerary, this is a great way for marketers to attract attendees.

Finding the right balance between a cover photo that is both visual and simple can be a challenge. Try going with an abstract image or pattern to catch the eye, or a landscape shot with your product as the focal point. Often, the best cover photos are the ones that use negative space to their advantage.

Fred Alberti discovered that when he posted pure links, he generated 82% more pageviews than posts which had photos and links in the caption. Facebook has also started favouring video updates which have been uploaded natively and made them the strongest performer in the Newsfeed. For tips on how to upload videos click here.

NOVEMBER/DECEMBER 2012 The second edition of unlimited magazine features a variety of stories, photos and special highlights about Golden Eagle athletics. Included are glimpes of student-atheletes, fans and coaches in a variety of acivities -- in competition, at community service events (such as FunFest), on travels across Europe, in the Tailgate Park, and with their pumpkins. The cover story offers an inside look at basketball coaches Steve Payne and Jim Davis, who are busy preparing for the start of the season. Instead of previews about the teams (which you can find on the website and in plenty of other media outlets), the coaches discuss the meaning of the approaching holidays for themselves and their families. Click here to enjoy the November/December 2012 issue of unlimited Click here to download a PDF (printable) version of the November/December issue

SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2012 The inaugural edition of unlimited magazine features plenty of material for Tennessee Tech fans. The cover story looks at the 2012-13 senior class as it begins its final season in Purple & Gold. There are several features revealing insight into a variety of Golden Eagle student-athletes, photos from fans wearing Tech gear pictured around the world, a handful of showcase photos, and a listing of lots of special events. Click here to enjoy the September/October 2012 issue of unlimited Click here to download a PDF (printable) version of the September/October issue

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