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Mount And Blade Warband Defecting Lords


Mount And Blade Warband Defecting Lords

As a ruler of your newly founded kingdom, you will find the game even more challenging. As a vassal, one of your ally lords defecting to an enemy can be a positive thing, allowing you to capture their fiefs and possibly claim them for yourself. When you are king/queen this changes dramatically - you'll need to keep a watch on your vassals' "relation to their liege" (open "notes", go to characters and select the lord). You cannot keep every and all lords happy, as some will like honor while others will dislike honor. You must choose carefully. Even former heroes may defect to another kingdom, and with this, you lose the fiefs they hold to the kingdom they defect to. However, taking action and preemptively removing the vassal from his post will anger the other lords of your kingdom, so the more lords you have, the harder it becomes to rule your kingdom. When you are at the near-end of the game and have only one or two kingdoms left to conquer, the number of vassals of the rival kingdom(s) will be incredibly high compared to the early start. At this point, you must be ready to face armies of 4000+ men, but when done correctly you can easily muster a force of 6000+ men, depending on the number of vassals you have.

This is a list of all the lords and rulers of Perisno, and some of their general information. Note that as with native, the title of vassals will change upon defecting to another faction, with some exceptions1.

Start on map straight away no start fight or mission.Sell prisoners to tavernkeeper.Join any battle.Death cam and battle continues.Hire mid level faction troops from castles after joining a faction.Villages now produce recruits of owner faction, after taken over by a faction they produce new owners recruits.Ability to change player kingdom troops to any faction troops.New Defecting code by TheMageLord, stops lords defecting or being kicked out of their faction but player can still talk them round to joining a player kingdom.New Gender code by TheMageLord, all gender issues are now fixed.New Item Race Restrictions code by TheMageLord, Now players can only wear items which relate to the race they are.Sea travel and battles.Freelancer mod.Faction patrols.The player has the chance to obtain magical weapons and armour for themselves.Revamped tournaments with special tournament characters and teams. including keep your own armour.New map.New Npcs.Trade Goods mod.More new coding and bug fixes will be added before next release.

I love this mod, but I have one huge problem with it. When lords defect (in non-player-made factions), they take ALL their land with them to the faction that they choose. This makes having a large amount of fiefs in your faction insufferably frustrating.

Please, I beg you to change this or add an option to change it. Kind of late but thought I should clear this one out.This is not a mod issue, it's actually a feature of standard Native, when lords are exiled by their ruler they get stripped of their fiefs but when they defect they get to keep them.The only advice I can give is, choose your lords carefully by assessing their personality first as some are more prone to intrigue and backstabbing each other thus leading to overrall bad disposition amongst your lords. Keep them happy with fief distribution, gifts, help them in battles, etc.It's also worth mentioning that at game start lord's personalities and other values such as their relationship with the ruler are somewhat randomly generated (within established limits), thus in some games you see more lords being exiled or defecting within the first month while in other games this is more uncommon. 1e1e36bf2d


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