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If You Are Buying A Used Vehicle From A Dealer

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If you buy a used vehicle that you think is covered by a warranty or service contract, follow the instructions outlined in the contract. If the warranty is backed by the manufacturer, contact the dealership.

Apply for financing with banks and credit unions before you visit a dealer so you can have auto loan terms for comparison. You can get up to five auto loan offers from LendingTree without impacting your credit score.

Because of car depreciation, purchasing a 3-year-old vehicle for significantly less than the same model new is possible. At a time when consumers pay an average of $48,300 for a new car, buying used can mean significant savings.

Kelley Blue Book offers extensive information on every major vehicle make and model. From expert and unbiased reviews from our editors to finding the horsepower and length of the car (will it fit in your garage), all the information you need is at your fingertips.

When buying used, we encourage Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles. CPO cars go through a rigorous examination process by a dealership and must meet certain parameters for things like their condition. Certified cars are backed by warranties. Before selling, dealerships service and detail vehicle inside and out. The idea is that a CPO car looks and performs as well or almost as good as a brand new one.

Research your finance options now that you have some vehicles in mind and your budget set. Most dealers offer to finance, but we always recommend seeking alternatives as well. That can be a loan from your bank or credit union.

If you like to haggle, by all means, you can try. But also be respectful and understand nobody wants a complete lowball offer, especially in this tighter market for older, used cars. If you hate dealing, you might be more comfortable buying from a dealer whose prices are pretty much set.

Another important point to remember is if you trade in your old car to the same dealership, treat it as a separate transaction. Determine the deal on the car you want to buy first. When a dealer tries to incorporate their offer on your old car into the new one you are buying, it adds another level of complexity.

The best place to buy a used car is at a reputable car dealership. Dealerships make it easier for the purchaser than a private party seller unless you know the person selling the vehicle. However, expect to pay more when you do. Get started on Kelley Blue Book and our sister site Autotrader and search used car listings. You can filter the results to match your exact wants and needs. You will find cars in your desired search radius.

You cannot legally drive your new vehicle if it is not properly registered. Usually, when you buy a used car from a dealership such as Auto Simple, the dealer will help you with all the DMV-related paperwork and fees, including title transfers and registration.

If you are financing your new vehicle, the lender and the dealer (sometimes the same company as with Auto Simple) will hold on to the title until the loan is fully paid off. Once the loan is paid, the title will be transferred to your name and mailed to you.

Many times dealerships will not allow you to drive off the lot without first showing proof of insurance. By choosing an insurance plan early, you will also know how much it will cost, which can help you budget all of your auto expenses. Insurance should be budgeted into the overall cost of legally maintaining your vehicle.

This document should be presented when registering the vehicle. It is also used when the state agency calculates your used car sales tax. If you go to a dealership, registration and sales tax will normally be taken care of for you.

This is also a good way to vet potential mechanics. After you have checked online reviews, certifications, and warranty information, give the shop a tryout and go with your gut. Finding a reliable mechanic is important after buying a new vehicle, but keep in mind that some shops specialize in maintenance while others specialize in repair.

If you are purchasing your next vehicle from Auto Simple, we make the shopping and payment process very easy. After all questions are answered and the paperwork is signed, you will receive the keys and copies of all the documents.

When you buy a used vehicle, the dealer must certify, in writing, that it is "in condition and repair to render, under normal use, satisfactory and adequate service upon the public highway at the time of delivery." The dealer certification covers the entire vehicle except items that would be obvious to the customer before the sale, such as torn upholstery, missing hubcaps, etc. The vehicle also must have all safety equipment and emissions controls required by state and federal laws for the vehicle's model year.

If a lien is being recorded or the dealer issued number plates, the dealer MUST handle the registration for you. The dealer may charge you up to $175 for this service, plus the actual fees for the vehicle's Certificate of Title (MV-999), registration, and license plates. As a customer courtesy, a registered dealer may submit your completed Vehicle Registration/Title Application (MV-82) to the DMV. The dealer also may provide a temporary certificate of registration and, if needed, new license plates.

If a vehicle has been rebuilt, originally not manufactured to U.S. standards, or reconstructed, a branding notice must be printed in capital letters on the front of the New York State title certificate. A dealer must inform a customer, in writing, if a branded vehicle is being shown or sold to a retail customer. This may be a notice placed on the dealer's bill of sale or handed to the customer.

You can also find a printed notice on the front of the title certificate if a vehicle previously had been returned to the manufacturer, its agent, or dealer because it did not conform to warranty. It also will be printed on the title after a final determination of a court finding or settlement under the state's Lemon Law. This notice will read:

A vehicle with this label has been repaired or constructed with a glider kit, but not one manufactured in two or more stages. A glider kit includes all components of a vehicle except the power train. It is generally used to rebuild heavy trucks or tractors that have been extensively damaged. Passenger cars built from custom kits are not considered reconstructed vehicles.

Vehicle price is not controlled by any government agency. Take time to choose a vehicle that meets your needs and budget. Before you buy a vehicle, compare prices by checking newspaper ads and visit a number of dealers and/or private sellers. Then take it for a test drive. If you are knowledgeable, examine the engine, transmission, drive axles, steering and suspension, brakes and electrical system. If you do not know what to look for, it may be wise to pay a professional automotive technician to examine the vehicle.

Before you buy from a dealer, find out about dealer or manufacturer warranties, what they cover, and for how long. Ask if the dealer performs service or subcontracts to a repair shop. Be sure all agreements, guarantees and warranties are in writing.

For a used vehicle purchased from a New York State registered dealer - the proof of ownership is the Certificate of Title (MV-999), or a transferable registration for 1972 and older models, signed over to the dealer, and the dealer's Certificate of Sale (MV-50) showing ownership transfer to you. The dealer must complete, and you must acknowledge by signing, the appropriate odometer and damage disclosure statements.

For a used vehicle bought from a private seller - the proof of ownership is the Certificate of Title (MV-999), or a transferable registration for 1972 or older models, signed over to you. The seller must complete, and you must acknowledge by signing, the appropriate odometer and damage disclosure statements.

Before you trade in or sell your old vehicle, be sure to remove the license plates and the windshield registration sticker, which shows your plate number. This will help prevent you from being charged with parking tickets that do not belong to you.

If you have a complaint about your vehicle, bring it to the attention of the dealership management right away. Keep a record of all contacts with the dealer about the vehicle and any repairs or adjustments made. Keep copies of all work orders and invoices as proof of your attempts to resolve the problem.

Summer 2021 update: The COVID-19 pandemic has affected vehicle production worldwide and brought factory closures, limited staffing and a global shortage in semiconductor chips that are essential components in a modern vehicle. As a result, fewer new vehicles are available on dealer lots. And the combination of fewer new cars and more people looking for lower-priced vehicles has increased the demand for used cars and subsequently driven up prices.

If you're planning to buy a vehicle that is less than 5 years old, consider one that's certified pre-owned (CPO). CPO vehicles have long-term warranties that are backed by the carmaker, not just the dealership selling it to you. Franchised dealerships that sell that same brand new are the only ones that can sell a CPO car of the same brand. So if you want a CPO Chevy Equinox, for example, you'll need to buy it from a Chevy dealer.

Prices are driven in part by where you're shopping. You'll find used cars in used car sections of new car dealerships, independent used car lots, used car retailers such as CarMax, and websites where private-party sellers list their cars. Of the four, private-party cars will typically have the lowest selling price. CPO cars will usually cost the most, but for the reasons we've noted. To see what other people are paying for the models you've picked out, take a look at the Edmunds Suggested Price, found on each vehicle's inventory page.

One easy place to start building your target list is the Edmunds used car inventory page. To find exactly the car you want, you can filter your search by many factors, including the miles on the car's odometer, its price and features, and the dealer's distance from you. Most other websites will have similar methods to find the vehicle nearest you. 59ce067264


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