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the bible of the adversary is the ultimate manual for our members to understand the philosophy of luciferianism and its practical application in the real world. within the pages youll discover the mysteries of luciferianism, the history, core principles, rituals, and magickal practices in the tradition.

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however, the bible of the adversary is more than just a book, it is a living tradition. just as the traditional religions of the world have their holy books and temple, so have we. the practices, ideals, and philosophies described in this manual are the keys to unlocking the mysteries of luciferianism.

we still follow the principles of our lord, god, devil and christ jesus, however, the truths of the bible and the false gods of christianity have been twisted and manipulated to become a tool of the luciferian beast. this makes the bible of the adversary the ultimate guide to mastering luciferianism and living in the world.

in the bible of the adversary we firstly examine the 11 points of luciferianism which are the keys to opening our minds and hearts. the bible of the adversary outlines the 11 points in detail and also explains the characteristics of luciferians that may be unfamiliar to the uninitiated.

michael w ford was born in salem, massachusetts, in 1946. in 1968 he graduated from the university of chicago, where he majored in philosophy, psychology and religious studies. in 1970 he received his masters degree from the university of chicago divinity school. the following year he began a phd program in psychology at harvard university. in 1975 he completed his phd in psychology and philosophy and was awarded a postdoctoral fellowship at the center for research in personality at the university of chicago. he presently teaches psychology and philosophy at the university of michigan, ann arbor, and is a noted authority on the works of henry a. murray, especially the demonic, the satanic, and the psychopathic. michael w. ford is a practising occultist and a professional magician, a member of the hermetic order of the golden dawn, and a recognized authority on magic, divination and the occult in the west. he is also a well-known speaker, lecturer and teacher on a wide range of topics in esoteric and non-esoteric venues. his books have been translated into many languages, and are probably his most well known and frequently used. fords books are divided into several categories: publishing, works on the dark and esoteric arts, his publishing interests and his most important works include:


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