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Office 2013-2019 C2R Install 7.5.6 B2 Lite - Install Microsoft Setup Free


on every session, we check if 72 hours have passed since the last license renewal and try to extend the expiry of the current license. this event reports the success or failure of the call that we make to ensure we can extend the expiry of the license and keep the user's office installation functional. it is critical in diagnosing subscription-related issues and service issues for the user and is critical in detecting regressions for already activated subscription users.

office.ios.paywall.provisioning.response - critical engineering telemetry and contract with retail federation service (rfs) to collect the information provided in this. rfs is the internal service used within microsoft for crosschecking the purchase. this is used to get the health of the api call made to rfs which would help in understand that the performance of the integration is as expected.

this event is triggered when a user installs a new office application for the first time. this event is very useful for diagnosing new installs of office applications that may be new users, new installs that are not authorized and new installs for office services that may be causing performance issues.

some users are reporting install failures. they receive an error in the process of trying to install the office client software. this event can help in diagnosing this case and ensuring we track any changes that might have caused this to happen. the error is a generic warning and typically could be related to the following: - allow all office updates, - allow all microsoft upgrades, - allow all windows updates, - allow all pending updates or - allow all custom updates. we do not recommend making these changes. 3d9ccd7d82


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