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Can A 16 Year Old Buy Plan B

Can A 16 Year Old Buy Plan B >>>

Can A 16 Year Old Buy Plan B

Q. What is Plan B One-StepA. Plan B One-Step is an emergency contraceptive, a backup method to other birth control. It is in the form of one levonorgestrel pill (1.5 mg) that is taken by mouth after unprotected sex or contraceptive failure. Levonorgestrel is a synthetic hormone used in birth control pills for over 35 years. Plan B One-Step is available as a nonprescription (over-the-counter or OTC) drug.

Q. Is Plan B One-Step an abortifacient (causing abortion)A. No. Plan B One-Step will not work if a person is already pregnant, meaning it will not affect an existing pregnancy. Plan B One-Step prevents pregnancy by acting on ovulation, which occurs well before implantation. Evidence does not support that the drug affects implantation or maintenance of a pregnancy after implantation, therefore it does not terminate a pregnancy.

110 CMR 11.05 Family planning servicesAny child in DSS custody may obtain family planning services, including contraception, without the consent of the Department. See 110 C.M.R. 11.05(3). The DSS social worker is required to provide information to the child about these services if the child asks. See 110 C.M.R. 11.05(2)(a). The Department of Social Services cannot coerce a child to use contraception. See 110 C.M.R. 11.05(b).

MassHealth supply limitations for drugs used for family planning increased Pharmacists can dispense up to a 365-day supply of birth control to MassHealth members if requested, as long as a sufficient quantity remains on the prescription.

Roads, Bridges, and Major ProjectsOne in five miles, or 173,000 total miles, of our highways and major roads and 45,000 bridges are in poor condition. Bridges in poor condition pose heightened challenges in rural communities, which often may rely on a single bridge for the passage of emergency service vehicles. The bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act will invest $110 billion of new funds for roads, bridges, and major projects, and reauthorize the surface transportation program for the next five years building on bipartisan surface transportation reauthorization bills passed out of committee earlier this year. This investment will repair and rebuild our roads and bridges with a focus on climate change mitigation, resilience, equity, and safety for all users, including cyclists and pedestrians. The bill includes a total of $40 billion of new funding for bridge repair, replacement, and rehabilitation, which is the single largest dedicated bridge investment since the construction of the interstate highway system. The bill also includes around $16 billion for major projects that are too large or complex for traditional funding programs but will deliver significant economic benefits to communities.

SafetyAmerica has one of the highest road fatality rates in the industrialized world. The legislation invests $11 billion in transportation safety programs, including a new, $5 billion Safe Streets for All program to help states and localities reduce crashes and fatalities in their communities, especially for cyclists and pedestrians. It includes a new program to provide grants to community owned utilities to replace leaky and obsolete cast iron and bare steel natural gas pipelines, some of which are over 100 years old. It will more than double funding directed to programs that improve the safety of people and vehicles in our transportation system, including highway safety, truck safety, and pipeline and hazardous materials safety.

Passenger and Freight RailUnlike highways and transit, rail lacks a multi-year funding stream to address deferred maintenance, enhance existing corridors, and build new lines in high-potential locations. The legislation positions Amtrak and rail to play a central role in our transportation and economic future. This is the largest investment in passenger rail since the creation of Amtrak 50 years ago. The legislation invests $66 billion in rail to eliminate the Amtrak maintena


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