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Which Cell Phone Should I Buy Quiz

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The questions in our phone quiz will help you narrow down what kind of smartphone you need. Tell us if you're looking for the best phone camera or the best gaming phone and we'll tell you which of the top 10 smartphones is the right match for you.

No consumer research went into this best phone for me quiz, but it can be a great starting point as you research which phone plan works for you. From Android to Apple, Samsung and Nokia, you have a lot of options, just don't forget to have fun while you shop!

Your phone is an extension of you so answer these questions as intuitively as possible. We want to know how you use your smartphone so we can pair you up with the perfect match. Tell us what you need your phone to do and we'll tell you which smartphone will deliver.

Before your friends ask you 'which phone should I buy' - share this quiz! We can help the whole crew get on the right plan with the right phone. If you need a better camera or more pixels, we've got the answer in our What Phone Should I Get Quiz.

The problem comes when you're trying to find a new phone to use as your daily driver. With so many innovations and enhancements being made, it's difficult to discern which ones are better than the rest. That being said, it's not about which phone is the best.

The biggest factor when getting a new smartphone is knowing which one would be best-suited to your life. Some smartphones are designed with different principles in mind, and that leads to some being better specifically for you.

Nowadays, everyone has a smartphone. Thanks to these devices, our lives are much simpler, more practical and more fun. Every year new models come out, more and more improved and modern. If you are just thinking about buying a new smartphone, stay here. We have some important facts for you and, of course, the What Phone Should I Get quiz to help you make the right decision.

This is worth paying attention to if you want to make a good purchase. For many people, high image quality is most important. FullHD+ resolution is a must. Colors, styling, good screen technology. An increased refresh rate is also important. This parameter tells us at what frequency the image on the screen updates. This has a significant impact on the speed of navigating through smartphone applications. For some, 60 Hz is the right frequency, but in the latest models the standard is already 120 Hz, which is twice as high.

Picking a new smartphone can be tough, especially if you're looking at the plethora of Android options at your disposal. Google wants to help you choose with its new quiz-like phone finder website, which lets you find the right Android smartphone based on how you plan on using it most.

Don't worry, the questions are simple. Once you start the quiz, it asks you what your new Android phone is for, with options that include taking photos, watching videos, listening to music, talking, staying fit and texting.

Once you choose an activity, such as gaming or taking photos, the quiz asks you how much time you spend each day doing it. After doing this three times, choosing three different things you use your smartphone for the most, the site gives you the option to see your top smartphone matches or keep going to further fine-tune your results.

When you're ready to see your results, the quiz gives you the option to choose a wireless carrier to narrow down your smartphone choices. The results page shows Google's top three smartphone picks, highlighting some of the key features of each phone based on how you want to use it.

Considering the number of options Android users have when they want a new phone, this site could come in handy for those who want to try a different smartphone but don't know where to start. It's also a good way to compare key smartphone specs while learning which devices could be best for your lifestyle.

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