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How to Download Virtual Riot Serum Presets for Free

How to Download Virtual Riot Serum Presets for Free

If you are a fan of dubstep, bass music, or EDM in general, you might have heard of Virtual Riot. He is a talented producer and sound designer who has created some of the most amazing Serum presets for various genres and styles. In this article, we will show you how to download some of his best presets for free and use them in your own productions.

Virtual Riot Serum Presets Free

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What are Serum Presets?

Serum is a popular wavetable synthesizer plugin that allows you to create and manipulate sounds using different waveforms, filters, effects, envelopes, LFOs, and more. Presets are pre-made sounds that you can load into Serum and tweak to your liking. They can save you a lot of time and effort when making music, as you don't have to start from scratch every time.

Why Virtual Riot Serum Presets?

Virtual Riot is one of the most respected and influential artists in the dubstep scene. He has released several albums and EPs on labels like Disciple, Monstercat, OWSLA, and more. He is also known for his incredible sound design skills and his mastery of Serum. He has created hundreds of presets for Serum that cover a wide range of sounds, from heavy basses and growls to melodic leads and plucks. His presets are not only high-quality and versatile, but also very inspiring and creative.

How to Download Virtual Riot Serum Presets for Free?

There are several ways to get your hands on some of Virtual Riot's Serum presets for free. Here are some of them:

  • YouTube: You can find many videos on YouTube that showcase some of his presets and provide download links in the description. For example, check out this video by DixonBeats that offers 50 free dubstep Serum presets inspired by Virtual Riot, Zomboy, Skrillex, and more[^1^].

  • SoundCloud: You can also find some of his presets on SoundCloud, where he sometimes uploads demos or previews of his packs. For example, check out this track by Prime Loops that features 64 Serum presets from his second artist pack[^2^]. You can download the track and extract the presets using a tool like Audacity.

  • Splice: Splice is a platform that allows you to access thousands of samples, loops, presets, and plugins for a monthly fee. You can also get a 14-day free trial and download up to 100 sounds per day. Virtual Riot has released several packs on Splice, including his latest one called Preset Junkies[^3^], which contains 150 Serum presets for dubstep, riddim, electro house, and more.

How to Use Virtual Riot Serum Presets?

Once you have downloaded some of his presets, you can load them into Serum by dragging and dropping them into the preset browser or by clicking on the menu button and selecting "Load preset". You can then play them with your MIDI keyboard or controller, or use them in your DAW as part of your project. You can also modify them to suit your needs by changing the wavetables, filters, effects, envelopes, LFOs, etc. You can also save your own versions of the presets by clicking on the menu button and selecting "Save preset as".


Virtual Riot is one of the best sources of Serum presets for dubstep and bass music lovers. His presets are not only professional and powerful but also fun and easy to use. You can download some of his presets for free from various sources online or get his full packs from Splice. You can also learn a lot from his sound design techniques and apply them to your own sounds. We hope this article helped you find some awesome Virtual Riot Serum presets for free and inspired you to make some killer tracks with them. e0e6b7cb5c


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