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the leading and necessary supplier of gensym rf bracelets, glasses and cell phone protection thats leading through the life. products have a unique patented non-toxic, fire retardant material which completely blocks radio frequency (rf) radiation and is made from very soft durable plastic.

in the actual world, the present day gensym rf metering and clothing is extensively employed by everyday people, healthcare providers, and many other organizations within the military, defence, law enforcement and homeland security sectors.

this holds true, as a result of gensyms proven reliability and dependability has made it a preferred choice for several, such as the national bureau of standards, fema and the centers for disease control and prevention.

the rf and microwave shielding is without doubt one of the best, most sensible options available. being made of fda patented non-toxic plastic, its harmless for humans and animals and does not interfere with bodily functionality.

this rf and microwavedesign software program is the very first to offer a wireless frequency measurement using spm test equipment and is a standardized u.s. food and drugs administration (fda) approved product for safety certification.

* wireless key chain, and accurate for both microwaves and rf in the workplace * protects against electromagnetic fields, resonant frequency, and devices which emit high frequency current. * meets fda requirements and is a qualified product for safety certification. * meets nsf/ansi standard 42 for safety, which includes reduced sw value of -50dbm. * incorporates audio, nmea, ads-b, telemetry, and bluetooth. * 0.5w-1 watt output ranges. * high power reserves. * transmit variable strength, and voice. 3d9ccd7d82


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