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Save Data Suikoden 1 Mcr

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Save Data Suikoden 1 Mcr

A feature used throughout the series where the game recognizes an old save from a previous installment and unlocks various features in the playthrough. While not the first game series to utilize such a function, it may be the most well known example.

Save states is a feature that saves the exact spot you are in any game. You can recall your save state at any time. Here, take a look at the save state menu . You can collect up to 10 different save states per game. The menu also offers 10 different global save states, but I think you should ignore these.

If you don't like pressing F1-F4 for save states, you can change these shortcuts to other keyboard keys (or gamepad buttons) in Settings > Hotkey Settings > Save States, as shown here . You can even set specific keys for saving/loading specific save states. If you mess up and want to delete a set shortcut, right-click on it.

New to emulation If you're new to video game emulation, I don't want to confuse you into thinking that save states are what you're supposed to use as the only means to save your progress with DuckStation. Save states are an optional feature. You can still save your game at save points as you would on a real PlayStation 1. In-game saves are loaded at the game's title screen (like on a real PS1) - they're not loaded via the File menu.

Pro Tip: If you're playing a game that has in-game saving (such as an RPG) I recommend that you use both save states and in-game saving to save your games. That way you'll always have a backup.

DuckStation gives you the option to manage your saves in an exclusive editor or using the PlayStation 1's native interface. The difference is that DuckStation's editor is far more robust and lets you select any memory card file on your computer.

Perhaps the crash was just a harmless one-time hiccup with your computer (or device). If that's the case, simply restarting your computer will resolve it. Pro Tip: You should always save your games with both internal saving (at a save point) and save states so that you always have a backup save.

Were you tweaking around settings in DuckStation's configurations It's possible you did something that causes games to crash. If that's the case, this issue can easily be resolved by deleting DuckStation's configuration file so that it wipes everything to default (like new). Remember when I talked about where DuckStation saves everything In DuckStation's folder within Documents, delete the settings file . Then start up DuckStation and see if the crashing persists.

To import your old memory cards from other emulators, you need to rename them to either the Libretro (.srm) savedata format or the Mednafen (.mcr) savedata format. The Libretro (.srm) savedata format, when used with Beetle PSX, is internally identical to the Mednafen PSX (.mcr) savedata format, and can be converted between one another via renaming.

Keep in mind that save states also include the state of the memory card; carelessly loading an old save state will OVEWRITE the memory card, potentially resulting in lost saved games. You can set the 'Don't overwrite SaveRAM on loading savestate' option in RetroArch's Saving settings to On to prevent this.

Allows PGXP-enhanced polygon vertex coordinates to be cached when PGXP Operation Mode is also enabled. This option improves performance by allowing subpixel-accurate values to be used across successive polygon draws instead of rebasing from native PSX data each time. Allows for better object alignment and may reduce visible seams, but false positives when querying the cache produces graphical glitches in most games. Recommended to leave disabled.

Choose the savedata format used for Memory Card 0. See the Saves section above for an explanation regarding the libretro and mednafen formats. libretro is recommended, but mednafen may be used for compatibility with the standalone version of Mednafen. The libretro (.srm) and Mednafen (.mcr) formats are internally identical w


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