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Cisco Mind Share Learning Game Full |LINK| 23

CSILE, an educational knowledge media system, developed by Scardamalia & Bereiter at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education. ... CSILE based on Zimmerman's (1989) self-regulated learning (CSILE term is intentional learning) and constructivists' view of learning. It emphasizes on building a classroom culture supportive of active knowledge construction that can extend individual intentional learning to the group level. The purpose is to make students think and reflect their thought process which provoke question asking and answering in a public forum. The ultimate goal is to get students involved in knowledge itself rather than improve one's mind, a World 3 view , which shifts from individual mastery learning to improve the quality of public collective knowledge (Scardamalia, et al., 1994). - from [1]

cisco mind share learning game full 23

A mindful conversation is a great act of self-care. It involves listening with your full attention, expressing yourself honestly, choosing your words thoughtfully and carefully, and suspending judgment. 350c69d7ab


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