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Brothers Full Movie Hd 720p 451 [NEW]


Brothers Full Movie Hd 720p 451 [NEW]

Another TV movie that didn't have to me made.The brain trust at HBO decided: "Hey you know that great book by Ray Bradbury", "And you know the 1996 version was pretty successful right""Lets make a jazzed up modern version!"Executive #2: "Sounds like a plan!"Nope, this was horrible. It was so bad it's as if they tried to make it so.Ray Bradbury was an artistic genius (whom I was lucky to meet in the early 80's); his written words flow like poetry.This mess is a a complete disservice to Ray, other than maybe, hopefully, it will get a few more people to actually the real book, or watch the superior 1966 out of disgust for this thing.Ironically, this was sort of the dumbed-down social justice warrior revisioning of the book. The irony is so thick it's palpable.. 153554b96e


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