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L\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'humanite - Bruno Dumont (1999) [DVDRIP] \/\/FREE\\\\

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L'humanite: A Profound and Contemplative Film by Bruno Dumont

L'humanite (Humanity) is a 1999 French film directed by Bruno Dumont, who also wrote the screenplay. It tells the story of a withdrawn police lieutenant named Pharaon de Winter, who investigates a brutal rape and murder of a young girl in rural France. The film follows his slow and meticulous enquiries, as well as his personal life and relationships with his widowed mother and his neighbor Domino, who has a lover named Joseph.

The film is not a conventional police procedural, but rather a philosophical and psychological exploration of the human condition, compassion, guilt, and sexuality. The film is shot with little dialogue, long takes, and naturalistic settings, creating a realistic and immersive atmosphere. The film also features non-professional actors, who give authentic and nuanced performances. Emmanuel Schottà won the Best Actor award at the 1999 Cannes Film Festival for his role as Pharaon de Winter, while SÃverine Caneele shared the Best Actress award with Ãmilie Dequenne for her role as Domino.

L'humanite is a challenging and provocative film that raises more questions than answers. It invites the viewer to empathize with the characters and their emotions, even when they are disturbing or incomprehensible. The film also explores the themes of collective guilt, human nature, and the meaning of life. L'humanite is a film that stays with you long after you watch it.

If you are interested in watching this film, you can download it from this link, which provides a DVDRIP version of the film with English subtitles.

L'humanite is not a film for everyone. It has been criticized for its slow pace, graphic scenes of violence and sexuality, and ambiguous ending. Some viewers may find it boring, disturbing, or incomprehensible. However, for those who appreciate Dumont's unique vision and style, L'humanite is a masterpiece of cinema that offers a profound and original perspective on humanity.

Dumont is one of the most acclaimed and controversial directors of contemporary French cinema. He belongs to the movement of New French Extremity, which is characterized by its transgressive and provocative approach to film-making. His other films include La vie de JÃsus (The Life of Jesus), Flandres (Flanders), Hadewijch, Hors Satan (Outside Satan), Camille Claudel 1915, Ma Loute (Slack Bay), Jeannette: The Childhood of Joan of Arc, and Coincoin et les Z'inhumains (Coincoin and the Extra-Humans). His films often deal with themes such as religion, violence, sexuality, and the relationship between humans and nature.

If you are interested in learning more about Dumont and his films, you can visit this link, which provides an insightful essay by film critic Dennis Lim on L'humanite and Dumont's oeuvre.

L'humanite is a film that challenges the conventions and expectations of cinema. It does not follow a linear or clear narrative, but rather creates a mood and a feeling that envelops the viewer. It does not rely on dialogue or exposition, but rather on visual and auditory cues that convey the emotions and thoughts of the characters. It does not offer easy answers or resolutions, but rather invites the viewer to reflect and interpret the film in their own way.

L'humanite is also a film that explores the contrast and connection between the sublime and the grotesque, the beautiful and the ugly, the sacred and the profane. It shows the beauty of nature and the human body, as well as the horror of violence and death. It shows the tenderness and compassion of human relationships, as well as the cruelty and indifference of human actions. It shows the spiritual and transcendent aspects of human existence, as well as the physical and animalistic ones.

L'humanite is a film that asks us to look beyond the surface and to see the deeper meaning and value of life. It asks us to question our assumptions and prejudices, and to open our minds and hearts to other possibilities and perspecti


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