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Where Can I Buy Lululemon Cheap


Where Can I Buy Lululemon Cheap

I was answering another post about how China's lululemon prices compares to the US, and after looking into the price of ETS tanks across a few different sites, I decided to do a quick analysis to compare prices on 7 sites.

The surprising result (or, TL;DR) On average, AUSTRALIA is the cheapest places to buy lululemon. When comparing register prices of the pieces I looked at, the cost in Australia is on average 20.66% lower than the US, though when simply comparing tag price, tag price looks the best in Canada (18.81% lower in Canada compared to US; since the Aus tag price includes tax it is only 15.01% lower than the US and I don't really think this is a fair comparison).

DISCLAIMER: I'm just a nerd who loves lululemon and uses spreadsheets. Some of my assumptions may be incorrect (e.g., maybe the average tax rate in the US isn't 7.12%) and I usually spend more time checking my work, but this was just meant as a quick and dirty comparison, so bear with me!

Customer Review: "They are super soft and feel buttery smooth. I usually only buy lululemon because of the material, these are a lot like lululemon leggings. Definitely a great purchase."

I agree with Angela. After seeing her photos, I could definitely tell that visiting a lululemon Outlet is worth it, and especially while traveling. She mentioned that most sizes left were 2, 4, 10 and 12. Sizes 6 and 8 were sprinkled throughout the assortment. Based on the photos, there was a good assortment of items that you would see in a warehouse sale and not necessarily in the We Made Too Much (WMTM) section of the website.

Lululemon offers free standard shipping with all online orders, as well as express shipping for $20, and 2-3 day shipping for $30. Shipping outside of the U.S. is subject to additional fees depending on where you live. Just be sure to shop using a Lululemon discount code for the best value!

This jacket has it all, and with an amazing price to boot! It features water-resistant material with 20 different colors to choose from. While the stitching is a little wider on the Amazon find, it still looks so similar to the lululemon jacket, but for a fraction of the cost!

When it comes to classic everyday tees, both of these shirts are equally durable for at-home endeavors and exercises! Like lululemon, our Amazon pick features a relaxed fit with sweat-wicking and quick-drying material for even the most intense of workouts. Better yet, you can buy three Under Armour shirts for the price of one Lululemon.

Fortunately, the rise of athleisure brands over the past 10 years or so means that today lululemon has a lot of competition, and anyone looking for the best lululemon alternatives now has a lot of great options to choose from.

Markups like this aren't uncommon in the secondary luxury market, where brands like Chanel and Goyard almost always preserve their high prices, but Lululemon is the only label in the athletic apparel space to retain, and even inflate, its value when resold. Data shared with Racked by online consignment shop Tradesy shows that Lululemon is the fourth most in-demand brand on the site, behind Chanel and Louis Vuitton and ahead of Hermès and Tiffany.

"Members of lululemon's social responsibility and production team visited the factory in Bangladesh immediately to speak with workers and learn more," the spokesperson said. "We will work with an independent non-profit third party to fully investigate the matter."

While these joggers have a thinner material, they are not so thin that they feel cheap or see-through, and I truly would think these were the famous Lululemon ones if you made me guess. I love how confident I feel in them and already got my mom to order a pair. I love these as a more put-together option for working from home than my regular joggers, too.

One handy thing to note: lululemon stores will ship to buyers anywhere in the country for free if you call them. This includes outlets, though sometimes the


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