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The Best Metal Finishing & Powder Coating Services

Powder coating is a surface finishing technique that is used to paint metal and non-metal items. The powder adheres to the substrate after being heated in an oven. The application involves spraying electrostatically charged powder particles from a spray gun onto the surface of the substrate. The electric charge holds the powder together, and subsequent curing makes it spread uniformly to cover the surface. Powder coating services are used to create an attractive, durable, and corrosion-resistant finish. 

 Rusty Lions specializes in all kinds of powder coating. We offer cost-effective and efficient powder coating services to paint automotive parts, industrial machinery, architectural elements, and residential items. Apart from metals, our expertise also extends to non-metal items such as glass and wood. 

 What do we Powder Coat?

Conventionally, only metal items were powder-coated. But as technology advances, non-ferrous items that can carry an electrostatic charge and withstand heat in the oven are also powder coated. While our capability extends to a wide range of substrates, we commonly powder-coat the following items:

·        Rims, wheels, frames, and other automotive parts 

·        Motorcycle parts

·        Outdoor furniture

·        Metal fences, gates, and railings

·        Bollards and balustrades

·        Industrial Fabrication

·        Frames and forms

·        Architectural signage 

·        And more 

 Request a Quote

Contact us today and learn more about our complete range of powder coating services. Call 347-613-8103 or send us an email at to discuss your specifications with us.  


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