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Professional Powder Coating Services NJ

Rusty Lions is a professional powder coating services provider in New Jersey. We have served commercial shops like fabricators, industrial clients like automotive parts manufacturers, and architectural clients for construction or renovations. Our trained applicators are fully committed to using modern equipment to ensure the highest quality of powder coating services. 

 We have an extensive facility that allows us to complete powder coating projects of every size. We can provide a smooth and flawless finish to your metal and non-metal components to enhance aesthetics and their durability. 

 Powder Coating at Rusty Lions

Powder coating is a special metal finishing technique where electrostatically charged powder particles are sprayed at high pressure onto a surface before it is cured in an oven. The extreme temperature in the oven causes the powder to melt and spread uniformly over the surface. 

 Powder coating is much more effective, durable, and environmentally friendly than liquid paint. At Rusty Lions, we offer powder coating services to several industries including automotive, architectural, home appliances, fences, gates, balustrades, and more. Our seasoned applicators know how to enhance the aesthetics and durability of your components with premium powder coating services. 

 Request a Quote

At Rusty Lions, we have been providing high-quality powder coating since 2001. We have a streamlined process to complete your project with the fastest turnaround and within your budget. 

 Call us today at 347-613-8103 or email us at to have a flawless finish for your components. 



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